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The picture above illustrates your meter and ball valve. the ball valve handle in the picture is set to the off position.  When you want to turn the ball valve on the blue handle will be straight in line with the meter.

Be cautious when adding landscaping or lawn edging near your water meter. Your meter must be fully accessible to us at all times. Any damages caused as a result of us having to remove an obstruction will fall soley on the responsibility of the consumer. The lid to your meter box cannot be obstructed.


Over time, tree roots encircle water meter boxes, breaking water lines and making maintenance difficult. Shrubbery can grow completely over meters making an accurate reading harder to obtain. 

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To calculate your gallons take the reading from your last billing statment and subtract it from the reading you take today. This will give you the current billable usage on your meter.

Cold weather is coming be prepared to "Winterize" your backflow prevention device.

When water freezes it occupies a greater volume than in its liquod form and can cause them to burst causing permanent damage in shut off valves. These repairs and device replacements can be quite expensive. 

We highly recommend purchasing a cover for your device and insulating exposed pipes.  Covers can be purchased at most Home Improvement stores such as, Home Depot, Lowes etc.

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